Chase Enters Retail Media : Personalized Offers for 63M Digital Users

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It seems like Chase is taking a significant step into the realm of retail media with the launch of Chase Media Solutions. By bringing the management of targeted ads in-house and leveraging their extensive customer data, they aim to provide advertisers with more precise targeting capabilities and personalized offers. This move signals a shift towards a more direct and involved role in advertising for Chase, compared to their previous reliance on third-party services like Cardlytics.



With a digital audience of 63 million on their mobile app and website, Chase has a substantial reach for advertisers looking to target specific consumer segments. Their approach of sharing customer interest in merchant categories while safeguarding specific brand preferences could strike a balance between targeting effectiveness and consumer privacy.



The retail media industry as a whole is experiencing rapid growth, with projections indicating it could become a $166 billion industry by 2025. Chase’s entry into this space reflects a broader trend of companies recognizing the value of monetizing their customer bases through targeted advertising.



While Chase’s offering may differ somewhat from traditional retail media models, its emphasis on connecting advertising spend to measurable outcomes like clicks and purchases could prove attractive to brands, particularly those in direct-to-consumer (DTC) and related sectors. As the landscape continues to evolve, it’ll be interesting to see how Chase and other players in the retail media space adapt and expand their offerings to meet the changing needs of advertisers and consumers alike.


Bénédicte Lin – Brussels, Paris, London, Seoul, Bangkok, Tokyo, New York, Taipei, Hong Kong
Bénédicte Lin – Brussels, Paris, London, Seoul, Bangkok, Tokyo, New York, Taipei, Hong Kong