Luxury at the 2024 Paris Olympics

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With the 2024 Paris Olympics on the horizon, the world’s elite are preparing for an unparalleled experience. For those with deep pockets, the games aren’t just about sports; they’re a showcase of opulence and extravagance. Luxury packages, priced at several hundred thousand dollars, promise exclusive access to premium seats, lavish accommodations, and VIP transport services. Companies like The GR8 Experience offer tailor-made itineraries, ensuring every whim of the affluent traveler is met.



Beyond the games themselves, wealthy attendees indulge in a plethora of high-end experiences. Michelin-starred dining, private tours, and exclusive events are all part of the itinerary. From savoring fine wines to rubbing shoulders with A-list celebrities, the Paris Olympics are not just a sporting event but a playground for the rich and famous.



Paris’ top hotels, including the ultra-prestigious “palace” properties, are fully booked at exorbitant rates. For those seeking a unique perspective, superyacht charters in Marseille and Tahiti offer luxurious accommodations with a view. And let’s not forget about the wine Olympics; demand for rare and fine wines is soaring, with gastronomic services curating exclusive wine pairings in breathtaking venues.



As the 2024 Paris Olympics approach, the divide between spectator experiences widens. While some may enjoy the games from the comfort of their living rooms, the super rich are set to witness the event in unparalleled luxury. From private concerts at the Palais Garnier to behind-the-scenes tours of iconic landmarks, the affluent few will truly have an Olympic experience like no other.


Bénédicte Lin – Brussels, Paris, London, Seoul, Bangkok, Tokyo, New York, Taipei, Hong Kong
Bénédicte Lin – Brussels, Paris, London, Seoul, Bangkok, Tokyo, New York, Taipei, Hong Kong
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