Beyond the Surface : The Power of Personality

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In the fast-paced world of modern dating, first impressions often hinge on physical appearance. While looks might catch the eye initially, a deeper exploration reveals that true connections are forged through qualities that extend beyond the superficial. Surveys consistently indicate that appearance and sexiness rank as mediocre attractions, with material success surprisingly ranking least important. Instead, traits such as agreeableness, extraversion, and intelligence emerge as the frontrunners in partner preferences. Even though social-desirability bias may slightly influence survey results, it’s evident that people consistently prioritize qualities like intelligence over mere looks.



Real-life dating choices mirror this sentiment, as highlighted by most dating app. They show that over 90% of their 1,000+ users prioritize personality over physical appearance. However, measuring personality is no easy feat, and psychometric tests play a crucial role in gauging traits like agreeableness. Emphasizing the importance of agreeableness, describing it as indispensable for long-term relationships. Agreeableness not only influences desirability but also shapes our perceptions of others, making it a cornerstone of successful partnerships.




The fundamental principle of attraction revolves around the similarity in personality traits, appearance, and social factors. While familiarity is key, these apps takes it a step further by using a unique psychometric test to pair couples with enough similarities for a strong connection and enough differences for excitement. These apps recognizes that some personality differences can be appealing, contributing to the creation of stronger teams likely to weather the challenges of a relationship. In this context, agreeableness takes center stage, enhancing appeal, especially when coupled with social, physical, or financial dominance.



Dominance, when directed inward towards a relationship and mediated by agreeableness, emerges as an attractive quality. It’s not merely about dominating others but involves sharing resources with a romantic partner. Agreeableness, therefore, accentuates the benefits of personality, making kindness a highly valuable trait in the quest to find the right match in the complex landscape of modern dating.


Bénédicte Lin - Brussels, Paris, London, Seoul, Bangkok, Tokyo, New York, Taipei
Bénédicte Lin – Brussels, Paris, London, Seoul, Bangkok, Tokyo, New York, Taipei