Belgium’s Brewing Legacy Comes to Life at Belgian Beer World

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Belgium’s rich brewing heritage takes center stage at Belgian Beer World in Brussels. This 90 million euro visitor center illuminates Belgitude, showcasing 430 breweries, four fermentation methods, and the unique culture of each brew, inviting patrons to savor a piece of liquid history.


Belgium, renowned for its centuries-old beer-making traditions and boasting a staggering 430 breweries, is taking a bold step in showcasing its rich beer heritage. Enter the Belgian Beer World, an exciting visitor center set within the historic neoclassical former Brussels Stock Exchange, freshly renovated at a cost of 90 million euros ($96.25 million). Opening its doors on Saturday September 9th, this center promises an immersive journey through the history of Belgian beer production, all while shedding light on the distinctive aspects of Belgian beer and its unique culture.


At the heart of Belgian Beer World lies an exploration of “Belgitude,” the essence of Belgian identity. Visitors will gain insights into what sets Belgian beer apart from the rest, including the intriguing intricacies of four distinct fermentation methods and the ritual of serving each beer in its own branded glass. As Krishan Maudgal, director of the Belgian Brewers association, aptly puts it, “In Belgium, there’s more to it than the liquid in the glass.” Indeed, Belgium boasts a staggering array of approximately 1,600 beers, and its beer culture earned a prestigious spot on UNESCO’s global list of traditions deemed worthy of preservation in 2016.


The Belgian Beer World takes patrons on a captivating journey through time, starting from the beer’s pivotal role as a safe alternative to contaminated water during the Middle Ages when hops were introduced as a preservative. This historical odyssey culminates with an opportunity to savor a carefully selected brew suggested by a virtual barman on the center’s rooftop terrace bar. While Brussels already hosts a modest beer museum, this new venture promises to be a game-changer, with its ambitious goal of attracting 300,000 visitors in its inaugural year, each willing to pay 17 euros for the privilege of exploring Belgium’s beer culture. In a world where Dublin and Amsterdam actively promote their beer heritage, Belgian Beer World signals Belgium’s determination to stand tall and proud as the true home of exceptional beer and beer culture.



Belgian Beer World is a tribute to Belgium’s unparalleled brewing prowess. With its meticulously crafted exhibits and homage to Belgitude, this center is a must-visit for beer enthusiasts and history buffs alike. It’s an ode to the legacy of liquid artistry that flows through every Belgian brew.

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