Beyond Dialogue : Responsible AI Emerges as a Business Imperative

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Amidst the evolving technological terrain, businesses are gearing up to bolster their investments in responsible AI. A recent survey by Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Morning Consult unveils a significant commitment, with 47% of business leaders intending to increase allocations for responsible AI in the next year. This surge reflects a heightened awareness of safety concerns, emphasizing the evolving perception that responsible AI is not just a dialogue point but a crucial business imperative.



Nearly half of businesses express a commitment to increasing investments in responsible AI, as revealed by a survey conducted by Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Morning Consult. In the coming year, 47% of business leaders plan to enhance their allocations for responsible AI compared to the current year. Similarly, a corresponding percentage anticipates that their boards will either request or have already requested a plan regarding responsible AI within the next 12 months.



This trend underscores a growing awareness among businesses regarding the safety implications associated with the adoption of advanced AI technologies. According to Diya Wynn, AWS’s responsible AI lead, while the excitement surrounding innovations like ChatGPT is palpable, there is a simultaneous acknowledgment of concerns and risks associated with its implementation. The survey findings emphasize that, alongside public discourse on these concerns, numerous organizations consider responsible AI not merely a conversation piece but an essential business mandate.



The discourse around AI safety is intensifying within the tech sector, with considerations extending beyond futuristic concerns like AGI to more immediate issues such as data privacy, bias, and explainability. The survey notes that three out of five business leaders believe responsible AI will evolve into a “business imperative” rather than a discretionary choice. For these leaders, prioritizing responsible AI aligns with a proactive approach to potential regulatory changes, with some companies already motivated by the looming prospect of legislation, particularly in regions like the EU and certain U.S. states.



As businesses forge ahead into a tech-driven future, the surge in commitments to responsible AI signifies a pivotal shift. The AWS and Morning Consult survey illuminates a proactive stance by 47% of business leaders, anticipating increased investments in the coming year. This trajectory underscores a transformative view that responsible AI is not merely a discussion point but a fundamental necessity in navigating the evolving landscape of technological advancements and ethical considerations.


Bénédicte Lin - Brussels, Paris, London, Seoul, Bangkok, Tokyo, New York, Taipei
Bénédicte Lin – Brussels, Paris, London, Seoul, Bangkok, Tokyo, New York, Taipei